Silt Content Test For Sand

Silt Content Test For Sand

The excessive amount of silt in the sand can be harmful to the strength and durability of the concrete. It is the simple test to find out the silt content in sand. Fine material less than 150 Micron size found in the sand is called Silt. Excessive quantities of silt in the sand not only reduce bonding between cement and aggregate but also increase water demand thereby reducing the strength of concrete.

Silt Content Test For Sand


To find out silt content in sand.

Equipment and Apparatus 

1. Graduated Measuring Cylindrical Jar         

Silt Content Test For Sand

2. Water
3. Pinch of salt
4. Sand Specimen


    1. 100 ml of the measuring jar is filled with sand.
    2. Water is then poured till it reaches 150 ml of the jar.
    3. Then a pinch of salt is added.
    4. The jar has to be shaken vigorously by closing the mouth of the jar with pam and turning it up and down repeatedly.
    5. The mixture is then allowed to settle down by keeping the jar on a stable and flat surface for about 3 to 4  hour.
    6. The silt in the sand will settle at the top of the sand in the jar.
    7. Then note down the volume of silt layer as V1 in ml.
    8. The note down the volume of the sand layer as V2 in ml.
    9. Repeat the procedure by taking two more samples and record their value in the observation sheet.
    10. The average of three readings is taken as the final result.


      Percentage of Silt  =  Volume of silt/ Total volume of sample × 100

                                    =    V1/V2 × 100


         TRAIL No.
      Sample 1
      Sample 2
      Sample 3
      Total Height
      Height of Silt V1
      Height of Sand V2
      % of Silt

      Note – The silt content should not be more than 6% by volume with respect to the total volume of the sand.

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